Pfeiffer Station

General Store

Located east of Kenton, Ohio on County Road 144

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Where The Old Time General Store Tradition Lives On!

Nestled in the lap of Hardin County, where teams of snorting horses still drag plows through rich bottomland and time sometimes seems to have stopped ticking a century ago, is Pfeiffer Station, a dream of a town that never came to be. 

     In 1836 Portius Wheeler built the Old Wheeler Tavern to accommodate travelers on the Old Sandusky Trail that ran from Cincinnati to Sandusky and his log cabin was turned into a trading post. In 1881 John Pfeiffer purchased the land from then owners John and Sarah Hadley and wanted to have a C&E Railroad depot and post office in his store. In 1882 Pfeiffer set up the plat of a town, complete with street names and lot numbers, that was to be named Wheeler Station and then decided to change it's name to Pfeiffer Station in 1883. That same year the post office was put in his store but the railroad decided build the new town of Hepburn a mile and half  east of Pfeiffer Station and put it's depot there. In 1884 the post office was discontinued and Pfeiffer Station became the town that was never built. All that remained was the Pfeiffer Station General Store.  

     The colonial mansion which was once the Wheeler Inn where travelers that included Henry Clay, General Harrison and Stephen A. Douglas escaped the untold dangers of the night and was once part of The Underground Railroad still stands and is now a private residence.

     Pfeiffer Station General Store has had to make some changes in order to keep up with the times but when you come and visit us in the heart of the Hardin County Amish community you will still experience the warm and friendly tradition of the country general store. Please continue down and see all the we have to offer.



 We have over 100 bulk items to choose from: numerous types of flour, dry yeast, corn meal, cake mixes, cookie mixes, muffin mixes, rolled oats, cream of wheat and many, many more!

    Snack items include sesame sticks, dried fruit and nuts.


Our spice rack has over 100 fresh bulk spices for baking, canning,

 freezing and cooking labors. Including extracts & bases


  Our bakery rack has fresh baked Amish bread, cookies and noodles. We have other fresh baked items from our local bakers. We also have jams, jellies, cheeses and other grocery items too  numerous to mention.

    We also have sandwiches, pizzas and other hot foods and snacks. Our hand dipped ice cream is always a welcomed treat for those visiting the area.


 Our candy selection is next to none with many hard to find old time favorites and bulk bins full of what kids like most. Let your kid's fill up a bag of "penny" candy and watch their faces light up!

We are always searching for old-time candies to add to our inventory. If you can't find your favorite lets know and we will try to find it.

We also have a large selection of sugar-free items such as jams, jellies, apple butter and cookies.


    Browse our country craft room for quality home decor items.



Pfeiffer Station General Store


19950 County Road 144 Kenton, Ohio 43326